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Getting rid of bamboo tree stake


About a month ago I had two Red Sunset Maples planted by a local nursery. These were container trees in 25 gal pots that are about 15 feet tall and 2-3 inches in diameter at the base. The pots had long bamboo poles inserted right next to the trunk that
run the length of the tree and the trees are sort of wrapped around the pole
and tied to it. Also the tree was staked with a three point stake system.
I have removed the ties to the bamboo pole, but I can’t remove the pole from
the dirt.

My question is should I cut the pole at ground level and leave the rest in
the ground, or should i try to twist and remove the bamboo pole from the
ground completely? I have also removed the three stake tie downs as well.



To avoid damaging any roots that emerge from the base of the trunk next to the bamboo pole, try to not force or twist the bamboo pole out of the soil. Instead just cut it off as close to the soil line as you can. The remaining portion of the bamboo pole below ground will decay and decompose within a few months to a year depending on your location