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Arboricultural Consultation Services

Tree Risk Assessment  Pests, diseases, fungus, decay, root stability, fractures, nutrient deficiency, and more. We will check your trees and palms for anything that can affect health or cause failures.  

Palms and Citrus Assessment  Assessing and Diagnosing palms and citrus can be tricky and requires special training and expertise. If your palms or citrus are experiencing persistent problems, give us a call. 

Independent Opinion Has your tree trimming service or landscape management company encountered a situation that they’re just not sure about? Have too many opinions caused confusion and doubt? We can help find the answer and provide guidance during difficult situations.

New Home Tree Inspection Are those large trees an amenity or a safety hazard? Find out before you buy.

Protection During Construction From new installations to ancient, veteran trees, we can guide you through the best methods to protect your trees while achieving your building plans. 

Preconstruction Tree Survey Verification If your municipality requires a Certified Arborist to assess the trees on your newly purchased property after the survey team has plotted and measured the site, we are trained and qualified to provide those services. 

Mangrove Trimming The only trimming we perform is the trimming of mangroves which are protected by the 1996 Florida Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act. We were the first PMTs (professional mangrove trimmers) in North East Florida and have helped many homeowners and waterfront communities manage their mangroves.

Lightning Protection We install tree lightning protection systems per ANSI A300 standards. A well maintained system can protect your veteran tree for 100+ years!   

Tree Appraisal and Valuation Insurance claims and neighbor disputes.

Expert Witness Expert testimony, depositions, legal briefings and opinion.

Insurance Claim Assessment We have extensive experience assisting with insurance claim resolution.

Training, Workshops, and Public Speaking Our client list includes the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, The University of Florida Whitney Laboratory for Marine Biosciences, and University of Florida Master Gardener classes throughout the State.

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