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Publix Supermarket tree protection

This 60-inch DBH live oak was preserved during construction in 2005 and is still healthy and structurally sound in 2015. Prior to designing the parking lot and travel lane near the tree, an Air Spade was used to locate the major lateeral roots. That way the root layout was incorporated into the early design stage.

Project: Publix and Sun Bank Construction
Location: The Hammock, Palm Coast, Florida

Approximately 3,000 total DBH inches of trees on site and 1,930 inches (87 trees) were preserved on the 5-acre site

3 trees had diameters (DBH) greater than 60 inches

11 trees had diameters greater than 40 inches

30 trees had a $10,000 penalty clause established by the property owner. If any of the trees were damaged or removed within 3 years following construction, the contractor had to pay $10,000 for each tree damaged or removed.

Only one tree could not be accomodated and was removed. The penalty was paid.

One 50-inch diameter live oak was moved 45 feet out of the planned entrance road. Click here to see a photo and newspaper article about the moving the large tree.