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Construction - Bridging Over or Around Tree Roots

The trench is widened and the footing is poured along the length of the wall except where the larger lateral roots are located.
The roots are located with an Air Spade where they will cross the wall footing.

The initial wall foundation trench is opened within the dripline with the Air Spade air excavation tool. A small backhoe with an operator who understands the importance of roots works on areas of the trench outside the dripline. Note the irregular location of roots even close to the base of the tree. You never know where the roots are unless you look. Once roots are located, the widening can be done by hand and with the help of a carefully operated small back hoe.

The trench is widened and the concrete foundation is poured where no large lateral roots are found. These lateral roots will be saved and a lintel (bridge) will be installed over the roots

The wall construction is nearly complete. The lintel was precast concrete in this case. The lintel could also constructed of steel.

The wall is nearly complete with the lintel bridging the lateral roots close to the tree trunk. No large lateral roots have been cut.
The completed wall.